Feb 122010

What is HYPE?

HYPE is a creative coding framework built on top of ActionScript 3. A major goal of HYPE is to allow newcomers to Flash and ActionScript to creatively play and express themselves while they are learning how to program.

To get started, the user needs only the most basic knowledge of programming – variables, conditionals, loops, and functions, for example.

As the user learns more about programming they can extend HYPE and thus grow their skills, while at the same time inspiring the next generation.

Now, that’s not to say HYPE is just for people who are new to programming. Instead, HYPE is for anyone, regardless of skill, who wants to play with code. Fundamentally, the point of HYPE is to make Flash fun again. We made HYPE to help bring back the playfulness that once defined our community.

Download and setup

The first thing you have to do is download the source from the HYPE web site or directly click here. Also you can download the lib from github.

To use the HYPE in our projects we have two ways to setup the library, the first way is using the MXP file that you can install into your Flash IDE using “Adobe Extension Manager CS4”, I never use this way, for this reason I recommend you read the installation page in the HYPE web. The second way (I use) is to set the path to the HYPE source in the source paths of Flash IDE (edit – preference – actionscript – Actionscript 3.0 settings). Now you are ready to start with HYPE.

Fast class description

  • BitmapCanvas: Captures a specifed target DisplayObject to a bitmap and displays it.
  • FilterRhythm: Rhythm to continuously apply a set of filters to a BitmapData instance.
  • DirectionalVibration: Vibrates a property in an directional manner.
  • ColorPool: Colorist that applies colors from a specified pool.
  • GridLayout: Layout that produces a simple grid.
  • ObjectPool: Creates and manages pools of objects.
  • Oscillator: Oscillates a property with a specifed wave function.
  • ShapeLayout: Layout that produces random points all of which are on a specified shape.
  • SoundAnalyzer: Analyzes sound frequency data and aggregates the resulting data.
  • Swarm: Makes the target object chase after a point.
  • MouseFollow: Makes the target track the mouse.
  • SimpleBallistic: Moves an object in a simplified ballistic path.



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